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Generalized use of electronic invoices : new timeline targeting 2024

On September 15, 2021, the French Council of Ministers decided to push back the date to require electronic invoicing for all B2B transactions, granting companies an additional 18 months to prepare their transition towards invoice process digitalization. New timeline for 2024 – 2026   July 1, 2024 All companies required to accept electronic invoices All large companies […]

Combining AI and blockchain to increase the value of your EDI workflows

Combining AI and blockchain to increase the value of your EDI workflows EDI is a constantly evolving technology that has existed since the 1990s. In 2020, 85% of the world’s supply chain workflows were handled using EDI. In this article, we explain why EDI is still relevant in today’s supply chain, and how emerging technologies are positioned to […]

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Generalization of e-invoices in France : Understanding Article 153 of the 2020 French Finance Law

Since Article 153 of the 2020 French Finance Law was announced, ICD International has had the honor of participating in various workshops led by the French Directorate of Public Finance DGFIP. These workshops will set the technical and operational conditions for applying the law. We are pleased to inform you about some of the progress that was […]


7 key steps for successful supplier onboarding

7 key steps for successfully onboarding suppliers : Why should you adopt an EDI deployment strategy for suppliers ? In order for exchanges between clients and suppliers to lead to better productivity, using an EDI or electronic channel is a catalyst for improving performance. Annual negotiations between clients and suppliers are part of a win-win approach […]


How does ICD help automotive suppliers improve their synchronous support with L3PX ?

What is L3PS ? Since 2002, ICD International has deployed the Syflux L3PS (Programmed Performance Logistics for Synchronous Operations) solution developed in partnership with RENAULT, based on their specifications. An L3PS is an order that is sent to supplier up to 10 days before parts delivery. It enables sequential production to be carried out in the […]


Electronic invoices : a regulatory issue

Digitalizing the invoice process and generalizing the use of electronic invoices are key steps in a finance department’s digital transformation. Many changes in the legal and fiscal framework are on the horizon and are tending towards the widespread use of electronic invoices, thus making it important for CFOs and finance departments to move forward with invoice […]


How is artificial intelligence transforming the supply chain ?

Supply Chain transformation is a key issue for many companies. The procurement process plays a critical role in the customer experience, cost control, and corporate agility with respect to market opportunities. Companies seek speed, reliability, and traceability while taking their cost, lead-time, and inventory optimization requirements into account. Supply chain managers therefore work hard to monitor the […]

ICD and Itesoft signed a technology partnership

French software editor and a major player in the EDI solutions for over 25 years, ICD International signed a technology partnership with ITESOFT, software provider of a complete line of solutions dedicated to capturing, automatically processing, and managing all documents flowing into companies.DemaTrust solution developed by ICD International allows the collection, treatment and legal archiving […]