Comment choisir votre prestataire EDI ?

4 questions to evaluate when choosing your EDI provider.

Whether you are a supplier, distributor or merchant, the choice of your EDI service provider is key. Indeed, working with the right partner can make a difference and allow you to significantly improve your processes and achieve substantial savings.

Here are 4 criteria to evaluate when selecting your EDI service provider:

1. Does the EDI provider know your business?

Your EDI supplier must be able to understand your business processes and provide you with quick and consistent solutions that are consistent with your sector specificities and business challenges.
He must be able to audit, analyse and understand the different components of your business.
The business experience of your service provider will guarantee you operational and pragmatic solutions, at all phases of your project and in case of problems.

2. Your EDI service provider must be an expert in their field.

In addition to knowing your business specificities, your EDI service provider must  obviously master technologies and their integration into information systems.

The certification of the service provider by standard-setting organisations is, in particular, a guarantee of quality and reliability. Also validate with your supplier that he or she knows your ERP and the main solutions that make up your company’s IS.

The ability of your EDI solution to track the development and evolution of your company is an essential criterion. Also, challenge your EDI provider on the scalability of the solution it offers and its long-term support.
By relying on an experienced EDI supplier, who works with many companies in different sectors, you are assured of relevant advice and real added value for your operations.

3. Offer a wide range of services

Whatever the size of your company, the objective or the scope of your EDI project, your EDI service provider must not only offer you an adapted and efficient solution, but also offer you the support services essential to the successful operation of your EDI system.

Make sure that your EDI provider can support you from project scoping to maintenance of the installed system. Accurately evaluate the proposed service commitments to ensure that they meet your needs and the requirements of your business.

4. What are the customer references of your EDI service provider?

When you want to invest in an EDI system, you want to be sure to choose the right resource for your company. You must have easy access to professional references.

In order to validate the level of customer service, technical and business expertise and the ability of your EDI supplier to support you in the implementation of your project, do not hesitate to ask him for his customer references and business cases.

On the basis of these references, you will be able to understand the provider’s project approach, its ability to audit your needs and deploy your project and make the most of your IDE.

By evaluating the business expertise, technical skills and IS knowledge of your future service provider, you ensure that you receive tailor-made support and sound advice to ensure the success and performance of your EDI project.
The associated service offer is also a key criterion that will ensure you a continuous EDI operation over the long term.

For more than 30 years, ICD International has provided its customers with validated and approved EDI solutions for a wide range of industries. ICD International’s solutions have been approved by the main standardization organizations (EDI Optique, EDI PUB, GALIA, GS1, ODETTE, VDA, ANSI).